‘Madame Web’ Critic Reactions Prove It Doesn’t Have A Bright Future

Critics have seen the latest installment in the Sony/Marvel Universe, Madame Web, and the response is not good. Coming in at 23% on Rotten Tomatoes with 31 reviews might be a bit early to judge, but when you take to X (formerly Twitter) it becomes clear that this film is […]

Review: ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ is Full of Campy Fun

Spoiler-free Lisa Frankenstein ReviewIt does not take long into Lisa Frankenstein before viewers will realize that this is a very unserious film – if they didn’t figure that out from the trailer already. When a teenage girl decides to wish upon a storm, she could never have guessed what was […]

‘Hazbin Hotel’ Reactions: Do Fans Think It Was Worth The Wait?

Hazbin Hotel reactionsThe first four episodes of Hazbin Hotel are now available to stream on Prime Video, and they have been a long time coming! The pilot episode, which was completely funded by Kickstarter and created by freelance animators, released on YouTube in October of 2019. Because of the huge […]

Awards Season 2024: What the Critics Choice Awards & Golden Globes Winners Could Mean for the Oscars

Awards season 2024 is in full swing with the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards already having been given out. There were many overlapping winners, which comes as no surprise to most. Barbenheimer hype had many guessing that both Barbie and Oppenheimer were likely going to take home most of […]

Awards Season: 10 Award Eligible Movies that Flew Under the Radar this Year (But Could Win Big)

Awards season is upon us, and while it might seem like there are several films that are locked in as sure winners – Barbie and Oppenheimer just to name a few – there are several that have flown under the radar this year, but still could win big. So which […]