Chandler Briggs is well known for his role as Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead series, but now he has a new horror role to take on, and it isn’t one you might expect. Andy Chen from Cinepacks Studios writes and directs the short film, The Spider, which offers a terrifying take on everyone’s favorite wall-crawler, Spider-Man.

The teaser trailer is out now, with over 392 thousand views, and shows a newly bitten teenage boy dealing with the struggles of getting powers. While it doesn’t explicitly state it, we can assume he is Peter Parker. His eyes are sunken in and he looks more scared than excited at first. However, we then see him training and jumping across buildings, which unleashes something inside of him.

The teaser itself is just over thirty seconds, ending with horrific flashes of a spider and his genes. We also get a look at Ben Parker, who is clearly terrified of his nephew.

Briggs has proven that he has the acting chops to pull this off and is no stranger to the horror genre. This makes him a great choice for the role and we certainly can’t wait to see what he does with it. Carl was a favorite character on The Walking Dead, so it is safe to assume he will be bringing his fans along with him to this new project.

The trailer claims that this is a horror take on Spider-Man, which is apparent from the score and feel of it. The Locust Garden YouTube Channel posted the trailer, which is a team that seems to specialize in adding a horror twist to popular characters, previously tackling Princess Fiona from Shrek in a short video that has 2.9 million views.

The Spider is based off of characters from The Amazing Spider-Man comics by Marvel and in the description of the trailer states it is a non-profit fan film, unaffiliated and not endorsed by Marvel, Sony, or Disney.

That said, writer and director Andy Chen is hoping it catches the attention of Sony and they let him make a feature length film of The Spider.

The Spider is directed and written by Andy Chen and produced by Artin John and Kealani Kitaura. It stars Chandler Riggs and features Caylee Cowan, Matthew Vorce, Kyra Gardner, Holgie Forrester, Carl Addicott, David Rice, Andrew Hernon, Kealani Kitaura, Ronan Arthur and Ben Thomas.


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