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Chris Hue February 25, 2021 0

Luca: The new Disney & Pixar Trailer Has A Unique Twist

Image credit: disneypixarluca/@InstagramAt first glance, Disney and Pixar’s upcoming film Luca seems like a classic tale about kids living in an Italian town on the coast. At its core, the move is still that, but with a twist. The animated film follows Luca and his friend as they pursue an
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Popternative February 25, 2021 0

Interview: Alternative Pop Band Haunter talk about their new single

We had a chance to chat with Mike and Enoma from the alternative pop band Haunter about their brand new track “Illuminate” which is out now. You can listen to their new song below. The Interview In a Nutshell, what is Haunter all about, and how did it start? Mike: To
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Popternative February 24, 2021 0

David Oyelowo’s Feature Directorial Debut “The Water Man” Sets Worldwide Distribution

Big news has recently been announced in regards to the directorial debut of David Oyelowo. Worldwide distribution has officially been set for Oyelowo’s The Water Man. The film will star David Oyelowo as well as Rosario Dawson (Luke Cage), Lonnie Chavis (This is Us), Amiah Miller (War For the Planet of the
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Popternative February 24, 2021 0

Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia: Drama, Humour & Teenage Angst

Image credit: NetflixNetflix have just released their latest series Ginny & Georgia today, and all 10 episodes offers viewers a binge-worthy blend of drama, humour and teenage angst. It’s a series packed with nuanced storylines touching on a range of topics. Ginny & Georgia Description Angsty and awkward fifteen year
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