Saying Goodbye to Kim’s Convenience

Image credit: kimsconvenience/@InstagramAs Kim’s Convenience begins wrapping up their final season, fans are still struggling to come to terms with the show’s end. After five amazing seasons, the creators felt like it was time to move on. There is still good news for fans of CBC’s hit show however. Recently, […]

Video Interview: Jamie Martin Mann Talks Country Comfort & More

Image credit: NetflixNetflix’s new series Country Comfort follows a musician who encounters a musically gifted family as they form a band together. The comedic series is currently ranked in the Top Ten on Netflix. In order to execute a show like this, they assembled a talented cast staring Katharine McPhee, […]

Video Interview: Humberly Gonzalez talks Ginny & Georgia, Utopia Falls and More

Image credit: humberly/@InstagramNetflix’s new series Ginny & Georgia has amassed a following since its initial release in February 2021. The story follows a teenage daughter who is more mature than her mid-30s mother who wants to be her daughter’s best friend. The interesting dynamic between mother and daughter definitely makes it […]

Video Interview: Gary Anthony Williams talks The Crew on Netflix & More

Image credit: garyanthonywilliams/@Instagram Nowadays, television is full of reboots and adaptations. It is rare to find a show that is original, fresh and has never been done before. When Netflix announced their new show The Crew, it definitely caught people’s attention. The story hilariously follows a crew working in a […]

Video Interview: Jennifer Robertson talks about Ginny & Georgia, Schitt’s Creek & More

Image credit: frennifer/@Instagram It might be a little bit premature to say we are entering the golden age of Canadian television, but with the universal success of CBC shows Kim’s Convenience and Schitt’s Creek, it surely feels like it. As Canada continues to prove their viability in the entertainment industry, […]

Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia: Drama, Humour & Teenage Angst

Image credit: NetflixNetflix have just released their latest series, Ginny & Georgia, today, and all 10 episodes offers viewers a binge-worthy blend of drama, humour and teenage angst. It’s a series packed with nuanced storylines touching on a range of topics. Ginny & Georgia Description Angsty and awkward fifteen year […]

Video Interview: Anna Cathcart Talks About To All The Boys: Always & Forever

Anna Cathcart as Kitty

Image credit: NetflixThe film To All The Boys: Always & Forever is out on now on Netflix as the final chapter of the To All The Boys trilogy comes to an end. This time around, the characters (Lana Condor, Anna Cathcart) experience the bittersweet feeling of ending a chapter, and […]

What To Binge This Valentine’s Day on Netflix

No matter how you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day this year (let’s be honest: take-out and TV), we’ve got the perfect list of Netflix films/series for you to binge. These titles range from sweet, to steamy, to toxic, and everything in between. Valeria (Season 1) Season one of the Spanish-language Netflix […]

Cobra Kai: Up and Coming Characters Get Spotlight Moments in Season 3

Image credit: oh.nate/@InstagramNot all characters in the Cobra Kai universe get the same amount of screen time in the show as the stars do, but there are moments where the less appreciated characters solidify their places in our hearts. Spoiler warning if you haven’t watched Cobra Kai yet! Nate When […]