Fresh Music Fridays: Kjersti Long, Summer Salt & More

Every Friday, Popternative features new music from a variety of genres to kick off your weekend. To be featured in Fresh Music Fridays, please send an e-mail to Samantha Margret (Pop)Samantha Marget releases her fresh sultry new single “The Party. ” For fans of Lorde and Billie Eilish. Kjersti Long (Rock-Pop)Young Rock-Pop […]

Interview: PLEXXAGLASS on Working with Mike Shinoda & More

Image credit: Big Picture MediaWe had the chance to chat with nonbinary artist PLEXXAGLASS. Their newest track “LILITH” was recently released and is turning heads. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park produced the track and actually took it to Twitch (where he has 135k loyal followers) to livestream the process behind the production of “LILITH.” Here’s what PLEXXAGLASS […]

Video Interview: Jess Salgueiro talks Jupiter’s Legacy

Image credit: NetflixHere at Popternative, Jess Salgueiro joined us for a chat for the second time. The Canadian-actress can be seen in Netflix’s new series Jupiter’s Legacy. In our interview, we talk about waiting for the show to release, being a Canadian actress and much more. Salguerio previously came on […]