Interview: MØ Talks New Album ‘Motordrome’

Image credit: Fryd FrydendahlWe had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Danish pop trailblazer MØ on the Popternative show about her brand new album, Motordrome. Motordrome is out as of January 28, 2022 via RCA Records. The album blends powerful, cathartic lyrics with MØ’s signature pop melodies, and layered production of club-ready grooves […]

Interview: Vancouver Pop Artist Madisyn Gifford Talks New Album & Music Video

We chatted with Vancouver pop artist Madisyn Gifford who recently released her first full length album, I hate ur guts. The 14-track album is an alluring collection that beautifully delves into Madisyn’s introspect of a crumbling relationship. Right from the opening with the title track, I hate ur guts showcases the quality […]

Interview: TikTok Influencer Kylie Muse Talks Music & New Single “all in my head”

We chatted with TikTok influencer Kylie Muse about her new single “all in my head” available now on all streaming platforms. Only being in the music industry since last year (2021), she’s already obtained hundreds of thousands of streams with just 5 singles. We asked her all about the new […]

Interview: Nashville singer-songwriter Heather Bond Chats New Album ‘The Mess We Created’

Image credit: Meg SagiWe recently spoke with Nashville singer-songwriter Heather Bond who has a new album, The Mess We Created, coming out on February 25, 2022. Heather talks about the process of making this album, collaborating with musician Viktor Krauss, and lots more. Check out what Heather Bond had to […]

Interview: Martina Ortiz Luis Talks New Projects & Music

We recently spoke with Toronto-based singer-songwriter and actor Martina Ortiz Luis about some of her new projects and music. Her latest single “These Days” is out now on all streaming platforms. Martina is also the official anthem singer for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the National Hockey League. We asked […]

Interview: Sophie Powers Talks New Single “Clearview”

We chatted with pop-punk singer/songwriter Sophie Powers about her new single “Clearview” featuring NOAHFINNCE, out now on all streaming platforms. We also asked Sophie about her creative process, music advice she’s received, and lots more. Check it out below! How excited are you to release your new single? Sophie Powers […]