Video Interview: Adeel Akhtar & Neil Sandilands on Sweet Tooth

Image credit: Kristy Griffin/NetflixWe got the chance to speak with actors Adeel Akhtar and Neil Sandilands from Netflix’s Sweet Tooth. Adeel plays Dr. Aditya Singh, a doctor trying to do everything he can to find a cure and care for his wife, and Neil portrays General Abbot, leader of The […]

Video Interview: Nonso Anozie & Christian Convery Talk Sweet Tooth

Image credit: Kristy Griffin/NetflixActors Nonso Anozie and Christian Convery recently joined the Popternative podcast to discuss their lead roles in Netflix’s hit series Sweet Tooth. In the interview, Anozie and Convery talk about the dynamics between their characters Gus (Convery) and Jepperd (Anozie) and the unexpected friendship they form. They […]

Video Interview: James Brolin on Narrating Sweet Tooth

Image credit: NetflixWe got to speak with award-winning actor/producer/director and Hollywood icon James Brolin about lending his voice as the narrator for Netflix’s hit series Sweet Tooth. Based on the DC comic book series by Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth is the number one show on the streaming platform right now. […]

Video Interview: Theresa Frostad Eggesbø Talks Ragnarok

Actress and musician Theresa Frostad Eggesbø recently joined us on the Popternative podcast. The Norway-native is currently starring as Saxa in Netflix’s hit series Ragnarok. Season 2 just dropped on Netflix on May 27. In the interview, we talk about being on Netflix, her music career, the global reception of […]

Video Interview: Jonas Strand Gravli talks Ragnarok Season 2

Image credit: Lukasz ZamaroWe had the opportunity to speak with actor Jonas Strand Gravli on the podcast. The Norway-native is currently starring as Laurits in Netflix’s hit series Ragnarok. In the interview, we talk about preparing for his character arc, the global reach of the series, being a storyteller, and […]

Video Interview: Kevin Alejandro talks Lucifer Season 5B

Image credit: NetflixAmerican actor Kevin Alejandro recently joined Popternative on the podcast. The Texas-native is currently starring as Detective Daniel Espinoza in the hit Netflix series Lucifer. We talk about character arcs, fan theories, Alejandro Films, and more.  At the beginning of the fifth season, there are little hints that […]

Video Interview: Lesley-Ann Brandt talks Lucifer on Netflix

Image credit: NetflixWe recently got to speak with South-African actress Lesley-Ann Brandt. The Cape Town-native plays Maze in Netflix’s hit show Lucifer. In the interview, we talk about the latest season of Lucifer which dropped on May 28, 2021, preparing for her role, and more. When preparing for her role, […]

Video Interview: Ian Quinlan talks Jupiter’s Legacy

Image credit: NetflixHere at Popternative we had the chance to talk to actor Ian Quinlan. He is currently starring as Hutch in Netflix’s new hit show Jupiter’s Legacy. In the interview, we talk about the show’s release, reception and more! The series does a great job creating interesting character arcs […]

Interview: Tyler Mane talks Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix

Image credit: Brezinski PhotographyWe had the chance to virtually chat with actor Tyler Mane who can currently be seen playing Blackstar in Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy. Check out what he had to say about Jupiter’s Legacy, getting into acting, playing the bad guy, and much more. You have a very interesting […]