Interview: Anna Chase talks About Collaborating With Jorge Blanco & More

We had a chance to chat with Latin pop singer Anna Chase about her latest music including her collaborative track “Antídoto” with international Disney star and singer Jorge Blanco. Here’s what Anna Chase had to say about her music and “Antídoto.” How excited are you for this collab with Jorge […]

Interview: Megan Nadin talks about her new single “Heartless Heartbreak” and More

Image credit: megannadin/InstagramWe had a chance to catch up with pop singer Megan Nadin about her new single “Heartless Heartbreak” which dropped mid March. Her music can be described as a mix of Adele and Sia. How excited are you to release this song? I’m beyond excited! Typically my writing […]

Video Interview: Olivia Faye Talks about Her New Music Video on CMT

Image credit: livvylove/@InstagramThe Southern states have produced numerous country singers throughout the decades and Olivia Faye is the latest talent to come out of Kentucky. Being raised in Murray, Kentucky, Olivia comes from a musical family that has helped nurture her at an early age. Save My Number Not every […]

Interview: Jack DeNicola Talks about his new single “Showtime”

Alternative pop singer-songwriter Jack DeNicola recently took the time to chat with us about his new single “Showtime”. “Showtime” (listen below) will be part of the soon to be released album trilogy from DeNicola. The album trilogy will be inspired by the likes of Kid Cudi, The Weeknd, Pink Floyd […]

America Part Two Release New Record via Revival Recordings

NJ-based punk trio America Part Two have released their punchy and punky full-length album on Revival Recordings entitled Price of a Nation. The band’s full length has tons of energy and addresses many important social issues such as sexual harassment, environmental issues, and more. “Price Of A Nation is a good taste of some of the things […]

Video Interview: Chase Atlantic talks about their upcoming album Beauty In Death & Genre-Bending

In modern music, I like to think we’ve crossed a threshold where we no longer have to limit an artist or a group to one specific genre. The synthesis of musical elements across all genres is more widely acceptable compared to the past. The innovation of  new sounds is meant […]

Interview: Lucas Carpenter dives into his song Linda McCartney

Singer-songwriter Lucas Carpenter took some time with us to chat about his upcoming music including his new song and video for “Linda McCartney.” “The song is pretty much all references to Linda & Paul McCartney’s relationship & the search for your own version of that kind of Love. This is a […]