Video Interview: Taegen Burns talks The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers on Disney+

Image credit: Nicole MitchemTaegen Burns on The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers It’s unrealistic to expect the new flock of Ducks to be fans of the original Mighty Ducks movies, but Taegen Burns did do some studying in preparation for her role. “In the auditioning process, I watched the movies,” she […]

Video Interview: Marc Methot talks about The Wally & Methot Show, NHL career & More

Image credit: marcmeth3t/@InstagramMarc Methot’s NHL CareerMost hockey fans can’t grasp just how difficult it is to make it to the NHL. A career that spanned 13 years at the highest level, Marc Methot provided some insight on how to get there, “Its about growth. You can be a star player […]

Interview: SHADYLANES Talks Genre Bending & More

Image credit: is a band that is currently based in Vietnam. They are embarking on a new frontier by growing rock music in Southeast Asia. The group has been gaining recognition thanks to their renditions of popular Vietnamese and K-Pop songs. Popternative had the opportunity to chat with band […]

Video Interview: Xcellence! Talks about his new single “Weatherman” & More

Image credit: andrexcellence/@InstagramEvery artist has a different creative process. For Xcellence!, inspiration can come from anywhere. The idea for his most recent single “Weatherman” was spawned when he saw a tweet that Lebron James posted over a week ago. In the tweet, Lebron James gave an upcoming forecast on what […]

ElyOtto talks about the global success of “SugarCrash!” & More

Image credit: ely0tto/@InstagramElyOtto on “SugarCrash!” ElyOtto’s hyper-pop song “SugarCrash!” has been a global phenomenon, but even he was surprised when Petey Beats pointed out ElyOtto’s success on Spotify during a recent interview. He never envisioned his music to take off the way it has, “I just did music as a […]

Loretta Walsh Talks When Calls The Heart & More

Photo credit: Noah AsaniasLoretta Walsh on When Calls The Heart Entering its eighth season, Loretta Walsh refers to the series When Calls The Heart as “the gift that keeps on giving for many people, myself included.” Being on a show for eight years, characters are bound to develop interesting arcs, […]

Video Interview: David Ayres talks about coming in as an Emergency Goalie for the Carolina Hurricanes

Image credit: davidayres/@InstagramOn February 22, 2020, David Ayres suited up for the Carolina Hurricanes as an emergency backup goalie and helped them beat the Toronto Maple Leafs. It felt like something you would see in a Disney movie. It’s funny how the universe works, because Disney and James Corden are […]

Video Interview: Renes Rivera talks about being a Flag Smasher in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Image credit: renesrivera/@InstagramRenes Rivera has an origin story not like most actors. He recalls his dream starting at a young age, “I wanted to be a Power Ranger so bad.” But once he realized they weren’t real, that’s when he discovered that being an actor was an actual profession. In […]