Video Interview: Charlie Hiscock talks Ted Lasso Season 2

Image credit: Kim Hardy PhotographyBritish actor Charlie Hiscock recently joined the Popternative show. The Bedford-native currently plays Will, AFC Richmond’s kit man, in the Apple TV+ hit series Ted Lasso. Season 2 just dropped on July 23, 2021 on the streaming platform. In our interview, we discuss the show’s popularity, his […]

Video Interview: Adam Ezegelian of Adam and The Metal Hawks talks TikTok Videos

We recently had the chance to chat with American singer Adam Ezegelian on the Popternative show. The former American Idol contestant along with his band Adam and The Metal Hawks have been gaining notoriety for their unconventional and unique cover videos on social media. In our interview, we talk about […]

Video Interview: Carlacia Grant talks about season 2 of Outer Banks on Netflix

Image credit: NetflixWe had the opportunity to chat with actress Carlacia Grant on the Popternative show. The American-born Haitian-Jamaican is currently starring as Cleo in the second season of Netflix’s hit series Outer Banks. We talk about her acting career, filming Outer Banks and much more. Outer Banks Season 2 […]

Video Interview: Danu Sunth Talks Ragnarok on Netflix

Image credit: NetflixWe recently had the chance to speak with Norwegian actress Danu Sunth on the Popternative show. She is currently starring as Iman Reza in Netflix’s hit original series Ragnarok. Season 2 recently dropped on May 27. We talk about the show’s global reach, her acting career and much […]

Video Interview: McCabe Slye talks Fear Street Trilogy

Image credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images for NetflixWe had the chance to speak with actor McCabe Slye recently on the Popternative show. McCabe plays Tommy Slater and Mad Thomas in the Fear Street trilogy adaptations of the classic R.L. Stine novels now out on Netflix. In the interview (below), we discuss […]

Video Interview: Zack MacEwen from the Vancouver Canucks talks My Biggest Fan Foundation

Image credit: macewen66/@InstagramWe recently spoke with Canadian professional ice hockey forward Zack MacEwen on the Popternative show. The Prince Edward Island native is currently a forward for the Vancouver Canucks and founder of the My Biggest Fan Foundation. In our interview (below), we talk about his hockey career, the NHL, […]