Canadian electronic music duo Young Bombs – comprised of Tristan Norton and Martin Kottmeier – recently joined the Popternative show. Their newest single “Summer In Brooklyn” is available now on all streaming platforms. In our interview, we talk about their creative process when making music, their journey so far, and lots more.
Image credit: Sterling Larose

When asked about the song’s release, Martin replied “It was wild. We’ve been working on the instrumental throughout COVID and we hadn’t really released any music in a while. It was such a different cool experience. We wanted to get creative and we put the song on TikTok.” After artist JORDY recorded a duet with the instrumental, the song was complete. There is no denying that Young Bombs have been trailblazers in Canada’s EDM landscape, but it’s still something the duo tries to wrap their heads arounds: “It’s surreal. A lot of our peers we looked up to so much now we have the opportunity to play shows with them our tour with them across Canada. It’s just a mind blowing experience.”

You can watch the full interview below!

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