We were joined on the Popternative show by Gary Weeks to chat all things Sweet Magnolias and Outer Banks. Gary plays Ashley Davenport in Sweet Magnolias, and season 2 recently dropped in February on Netflix. Gary can also be seen playing JJ’s dad, Luke, in Netflix’s hit teen drama series Outer Banks which just recently began season 3 production.

In our interview, Gary talks about some of the differences between Sweet Magnolias seasons 1 and 2 and the character growth within the series: “That cast is so good and they blend together so well. […] The relationships, especially in this new season, man they just take it to a whole other level,” he explains.

We then dive into Outer Banks and the most recent season (which dropped in July 2021) where Gary plays Luke, JJ’s (Rudy Pankow) dad. Luke is not a pleasant character, which Gary admits, and this makes the fate of Luke’s future uncertain – but Gary enjoys the uncertainty about it: “Everyone wants to kill my character, he could be gone at any time,” he jokingly admits.

You can watch our full interview with Gary Weeks below.

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