5 Music Videos Featuring Outer Banks Cast Members

We recently published an article on other series featuring Outer Banks cast members, and we thought we’d also share some music videos featuing the cast. Some of these occured pre-Outer Banks, and some afterwards. Check these out and let us know what you think! Muse – “Thought Contagion” – Featuring […]

Video Interview: Elizabeth Mitchell talks Outer Banks, Lost & More

Image credit: NetflixActress Elizabeth Mitchell joined us on the Popternative show to discuss being part of the second season of Netflix’s hit series Outer Banks, which dropped on July 30, 2021. Elizabeth plays the role of Limbrey who is introduced in the third episode. In our interview, Elizabeth talks about […]

Video Interview: Carlacia Grant talks about season 2 of Outer Banks on Netflix

Image credit: NetflixWe had the opportunity to chat with actress Carlacia Grant on the Popternative show. The American-born Haitian-Jamaican is currently starring as Cleo in the second season of Netflix’s hit series Outer Banks. We talk about her acting career, filming Outer Banks and much more. Outer Banks Season 2 […]

Video Interview: Julia Antonelli talks Outer Banks Season 2

Image credit: NetflixActress Julia Antonelli returned to the Popternative show to discuss season 2 of Netflix’s hit series Outer Banks which drops on July 30th, 2021. Julia plays Wheezie Cameron – the younger and often nosy sister of Sarah and Rafe Cameron. The Outer Banks season 2 trailer shows John […]