You really must be careful with how much you share about yourself online, especially when you’re traveling alone. In Influencer, directed by Kurtis David Harderand and written by Harder and Tesh Guttikonda, Emily Tennant stars as a popular social media influencer named Madison. While embarking on a lavish picture perfect solo trip in Thailand, Madison meets CW (Cassandra Naud) who at first seems interested in helping Madison experience the best parts of her trip, but a sinister plan reveals itself.

Speaking with Popternative host Petey Beats, Emily shares what it’s like to play a character whose entire reality gets shifted. “Well, it’s interesting. I think as people, that’s life, right, going in one direction and then the rug gets pulled out from under you and you’re going ‘okay wait I need to recalculate here,’ so I think it’s actually quite a common thing in life and I try to relate to my characters in that way,” Emily says adding, “and Madison, she’s interesting because she could be very one note, right. Influencer, we all have an idea of what that looks like and who that person is, and I think Madison will surprise you. I think through the film it’s nice that we get to see the other side of it. She’s telling everyone she has this fabulous life and she’s so happy and she’s traveling in Thailand, and then you see the phone come down and she’s like…I hate everything, I’m alone and why am I doing this and yeah, I just think it’s really interesting.”

Watch the full interview with Emily Tennant below.

Influencer is streaming now on AMC+ and Shudder.


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