We were joined on the Popternative show by Emily Tennant (Jane, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency) and Cassandra Naud (See, Loudermilk) who star in the new Shudder horror film Influencer, which premiered on May 26. Influencer is filmed and set in Thailand, and is the perfect horror flick to kick off the summer season.

Influencer tells the story of Madison (Emily Tennant), a popular social media influencer who is having a lonely and uneventful trip in Thailand despite what she tells her followers on Instagram. While reflecting on her boyfriend canceling the trip, she meets CW (Cassandra Naud), a fearless and enigmatic traveler who offers to take her to some of the most Instagram-worthy locations. Together they share authentic meals and drinks with locals, discussing the differences between Madison’s online presence and CW’s lack of one. After showing Madison all of the amazing sights, things take a different turn when CW brings her to a surprise location – a deserted island that is completely off the grid.

Emily and Cassandra discuss their audition processes for Influencer, filming in Thailand, working in the horror/thriller genre, and lots more.

Watch the interviews below.

Influencer is streaming on Shudder.

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