Review: ‘Swarm’ Attempts to Explore the Ramifications of Fandom Culture

In 2000, rapper Eminem released “Stan,” one of his most iconic tracks featuring Dido. The music video featured Devon Sawa as an obsessed fan who went to extreme lengths to get the attention of his favorite rapper. The success of the song coined the term “Stan” to refer to anyone […]

Review: ‘Scream VI’ Takes Viewers Down Memory Lane in the Gory New Installment

Photo by: Philippe Bossé/Paramount PicturesDating back to 1996, the Scream franchise written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven (until 2011) asked fans what their favorite scary movie was while holding up a mirror to the cliché horror tropes that made people fall in love with the genre in […]

14 Projects to Watch Featuring the Cast of ‘Scream VI’

Photo by: Philippe Bossé/Paramount PicturesScream VI slashed its way to the top of the box office during its March 10th opening weekend earning $44.5 million at the domestic box office and making the sixth installment the biggest opening ever for the Scream franchise. Following the events of last year’s Scream, […]

‘The Black Phone’ Actor Miguel Cazarez Mora is Not a Fan of Horror

Photo by: Universal PicturesBased on the short story by Joe Hill, The Black Phone, directed by Scott Derrickson with screenplay by Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill, quickly became a horror film favorite among lovers of the genre. The film follows teen Finney (Mason Thames) being abducted by The Grabber (Ethan […]

Carlacia Grant & ‘Outer Banks’ Cast Members Got Stuck in a Harness During a Night Shoot

Photo by: NetflixCarlacia Grant became a series regular playing Cleo in season 3 of the hit Netflix series Outer Banks, which premiered on February 23 on the streaming service. Recently renewed for a 4th season, Outer Banks follows John B’s (Chase Stokes) hunt for a legendary treasure linked to his […]

Pisces Season: 12 Projects to Stream Starring Pisces Actors

Happy birthday, Pisces! Although we’re at the start of the third month of the year, Pisces falls in line as the twelfth sign in the zodiac. The water sign is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions which can be seen to represent the division of Pisces’s attention between […]

Emma Myers Describes Jenna Ortega As a Generous Scene Partner Working on ‘Wednesday’

Netflix can officially add its original series Wednesday in the hall of fame of successful shows for their streaming platform. Wednesday premiered on November 23, 2022 and has become a pop culture hit with many recreating the infamous Wednesday dance performed and choreographed by Jenna Ortega who plays the title […]