Interview: Author Jennifer E. Smith & Director Vanessa Caswill Talk Netflix Rom-Com ‘Love At First Sight’ Starring Haley Lu Richardson & Ben Hardy

Netflix‘s latest rom-com, Love At First Sight, is based on the the young adult novel, The Statistical Odds of Love at First Sight by bestselling author by Jennifer E. Smith. Released on the streaming platform on September 15th, Love At First Sight stars Haley Lu Richardson (The White Lotus), Ben […]

Emily Tennant Says Her Character Madison in Horror Flick ‘Influencer’ Will Surprise You

You really must be careful with how much you share about yourself online, especially when you’re traveling alone. In Influencer, directed by Kurtis David Harderand and written by Harder and Tesh Guttikonda, Emily Tennant stars as a popular social media influencer named Madison. While embarking on a lavish picture perfect […]

Interview: Colin Ford Talks Playing Rickey Hill in Baseball Drama, ‘The Hill’

Photo by: Briarcliff EntertainmentWe were joined on the Popternative show by Colin Ford (Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story) to discuss the upcoming biographical sports drama, The Hill, coming to theaters on August 25th. Directed by Jeff Celentano (Breaking Point), the film also stars Dennis Quaid (On a Wing […]

Shila Ommi Shares How Pixar’s ‘Elemental’ Resonates with Her as An Immigrant

For decades, Pixar films have created stories that go beyond beautiful animation and tap into the human experience in a way no other studio can bring to the screen. On June 16, 2023, the Peter Sohn directed film Elemental came to theaters. With the story by Sohn and screenplay/story by […]

Interview: Tom Guard & Charles Guard Talk ‘Dead Shot,’ ‘The Uninvited’ & More

We were joined on the Popternative show by Tom and Charles Guard (The Guard Brothers) to discuss their new action film, Dead Shot, which will be in theaters, on demand and digital on August 18th. It stars Aml Ameen (The Porter, The Maze Runner), Colin Morgan (Belfast, Merlin), Mark Strong […]

Interview: Writer & Director Sophie Kargman Talks Dark Comedy Film ‘Susie Searches’

We were joined on the Popternative show by writer and director Sophie Kargman to discuss her new dark comedy film, Susie Searches, which was released on VOD and theaters on July 28th following its 2022 TIFF premiere. Based on her 2020 short film of the same name, in which she […]

Interview: Director & Writer Thomas Hardiman Talks A24’s ‘Medusa Deluxe’

Photo by: A24We had the pleasure of chatting with director and writer Thomas Hardiman on the Popternative show about his debut film, Medusa Deluxe via A24. The one-shot murdery mystery film stars Anita-Joy Uwajeh (Vampire Academy, Lucky Man), Clare Perksins (The Outlaws, EastEnders), Darrell D’Silva (Domina, Van Der Valk), Debris […]

Interviews: Arvin Chen & Abigail Hing Wen Talk ‘Love In Taipei’ on Paramount+

Photo by: Dragon 5/Paramount+ We were joined on the Popternative show by best-selling author Abigail Hing Wen and director Arvin Chen about the new YA film, Love in Taipei which recently premiered on Paramount+. The film is based on Abigail Hing Wen’s book, Loveboat, Taipei, and she also serves as executive […]

Q&A: Writer & Director Taron Lexton on TXL Films Production Company & Upcoming Indie Feature ‘Nomad’

We caught up with writer, director, and founder of indie production company TXL Films, Taron Lexton, who recently wrapped production on his indie feature, Nomad. It stars White Lotus breakout Leo Woodall and Jordi Webber (Home and Away, Head High), and was shot entirely on location across 26 countries. We […]

Interview: Virginia Gardner & Alex Aiono Talk Starring in ‘See You on Venus’

We were joined on the Popternative show by Virginia Gardner (Fall, Beautiful Disaster) and Alex Aiono (Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, Finding ‘Ohana) who star in the new the film, See You on Venus, which had its theatrical release on July 21st, and was released on VOD/Digital July 25th. Directed […]