Image credit: David Howells
We had the opportunity to chat with legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Alan Doyle. The Newfoundland-native is commonly known as the lead singer of the Canadian folk band Great Big Sea. In the interview, we talk about his career, genre bending and more. Alan Doyle recently announced that he will be back on the road starting July 25, 2021. You can find Canadian and U.S tour dates here.

The pandemic has been challenging for musicians around the world, but as the world starts to re-open, Alan speaks about his upcoming tour dates, “I wondered if I’d have some anxiety or nervousness, but I don’t.” He enthusiastically added “Let’s go right now!” In our interview, he also explains “I don’t know why she comes to mind right away, but one of my favourite singers in the world right now is Miley Cyrus. I think of her as someone who can very convincingly sing anything. That’s really rare.”

You can watch the full interview below!

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