We had the chance to chat with UK indie-pop artist Natalie Shay who hails from North London. You can also listen to her new single, “Medicine Boy” below.

Here’s what Natalie Shay had to say about her music.

What can you tell us about “Medicine Boy”?
Medicine Boy was written about dating someone who isn’t that good for you, but you still have such a great time with, you struggle to leave, I guess like an unhealthy addiction – that’s where the ‘drug’ comparisons came in.

Who is Natalie Shay as an Artist?
I guess my main things are, I wanna keep it real, I wanna be incredibly honest in my lyrics, I wanna be relatable. I wanna be known for my guitar, and my live show. I guess that’s the consistent thing, the rest kinda changes around me growing up as a person and times changing 🙂

When people listen to your music, what are you hoping they get out of it?
This is kind of song dependent. I guess ultimately I want people to enjoy the lyrics, whether that be because it’s relatable or understandable, some songs I really want people to associate their own experiences with and maybe even have a lil’ cry. Some of the more fun ones I want people to smile to! Even if one person feels any of these things, then I’m happy 🙂

What is the coolest thing that has happened to you so far during your career as a musician?
I say this a lot, but being on the 2018 UK jury for the Eurovision song contest was super cool, I guess because it was random and unexpected! So fun though.

What do you think about all the genre bending happening in music lately?
I think it’s great! I suppose it’s not an entirely new concept, artists like Annie Lennox, Boy George, David Bowie did it all before, but I guess it was never as much of a talking point. I’m hoping now mixed in with social media not only can it inspire other artists to be whoever they want to be, but also inspire non artists to be whoever they want to be despite not being an ‘artist’ I love it all!

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Listen to “Medicine Boy” here

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