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We of course are eager to find out about the next steps for John B and Sarah, and what the Pogues are up to in Outer Banks season 2 which is coming to Netflix on July 30, 2021. But, we also hope to see some character development with other characters. Here are 4 other characters from Outer Banks that we hope to learn more about in season 2.

Wheezie Cameron

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Sarah’s caring and annoying little sister has a key scene in season one where she spills the beans to Topper about John B. Hopefully, we get to learn more about the curious Wheezie in season 2.


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Pretty tight with Topper and Rafe, Kelce had an intense stand-off with John B at the end of season one. We wonder if there will be more development of his character rather than just being one of the Kooks.


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Barry is definitely everyone’s favourite fictional drug dealer from last summer. He had a bit of a bromance developing with Rafe at the end of last season. Hopefully we get to see what Barry is up to in season 2.

JJ’s Dad

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Some of the most memorable scenes from last season came from JJ and his troubled relationship with his father. We are also wondering what’s next for season 2 in terms of their relationship since JJ’s dad was nowhere to be seen at the conclusion of season one.

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Rudy Pankow (JJ)
Jonathan Daviss (Pope)
Drew Starkey (Rafe)
Julia Antonelli (Wheezie)
Deion Smith (Kelce)
Cullen Moss (Deputy Shoupe)

Nick Cirillo (Barry)
Gary Weeks (JJ’s dad)

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