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Netflix’s new series Country Comfort follows a musician who encounters a musically gifted family as they form a band together. The comedic series is currently ranked in the Top Ten on Netflix. In order to execute a show like this, they assembled a talented cast staring Katharine McPhee, Eddie Cibrian, Ricardo Hurtado and Jamie Martin Mann.

Theatre vs. Television

Jamie Martin Mann who plays Brody on Country Comfort, originally got his start in show business as an actor in theatre. When we asked him about the transition from being on stage to being on set, the sitcom’s live audience allowed him to feed off their energy, something he was familiar with “It was nice to perform for someone and hear their response.” The thing that he did find challenging was trying not to look at the camera while he acted. He credits the cast and crew for helping get acclimated with the change.

Jamie Martin Mann on Country Comfort

There hasn’t been a show like Country Comfort since Hannah Montana, but that series didn’t dive into country music nor was as grounded as Country Comfort is. In his interview with Popternative, Jamie Martin Mann praised showrunner Karen Lucas for giving the cast the liberty to develop their own characters, “one of the reasons why all of our characters got to be as grounded and complex as they are is because she gave us a lot of room to explore every aspect of that character.” Jamie relished that opportunity because on previous projects, he never got the luxury to bring his character to life in that way. Moreover, Jamie talked about the privilege of being on set with iconic country singer Katharine McPhee, “being able to work with her was so surreal and so much fun.”

You can watch the full interview below!

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