Photo by: Alfonso Herrera Salcedo
Popternative is excited to be covering the Slamdance Film Festival again in 2023, and we have an exclusive interview. We were joined on the show by Charlie Plummer and writer and director Jeff Rutherford to discuss their film A Perfect Day for Caribou which premieres at Slamdance on Saturday, January 21.

The film follows an estranged father played by Jeb Berrier (First Cowm Shrill) and son played by Charlie Plummer (Lean on PeteLooking for Alaska) who spend the day ambling, wandering, searching, and stumbling through disharmony and heartache. It is filmed in the nostalgic 4:3 aspect ratio and evocative black and white by cinematographer Alfonso Herrera Salcedo.

(L-R) Jeb Berrier and Charlie Plummer in A Perfect Day for Caribou. Photo by: Alfonso Herrera Salcedo

A Perfect Day for Caribou tells the story of just one day in the life of Herman, Nate, and Ralph. Herman is an alcoholic with a depleted appetite for life. Nate is an anxious young father reckoning with his past so he might move further into the future. And Ralph is a misunderstood child truly off in his own world… 

In our interview, Charlie tells us what he loves the most about storytelling and the kind of story this film tells, and Jeff discusses whether the film would work if it were not shot in black and white.

Watch the full interview below.

A Perfect Day For Caribou premieres at Slamdance on Saturday, January 21, and from January 23-29 can be screened from anywhere with the Slamdance Channel.

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