In about one month from now (July 31), Netflix will drop the highly anticipated season 2 of Outer Banks. Season 1 was released on Netflix in April 2020, right when the whole world was pretty much in lockdown due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The hype for the series however has not slowed down, especially not after a teaser for season 2 was released earlier this month. While we wait for season 2, let’s have a look at some memorable quotes from season 1. These Outer Banks quotes range from hilarious, to happy, to sad and even philosophical.

1.) “Mold is good for you, it’s just a natural organism” – JJ

2.) “My dad said the island was America on steroids. The haves and have-nots like anyplace, but magnified and multiplied. The way I see it, the game’s rigged. Maybe it always has been” – John B

3.) “Stealing drones makes you hungry. What I would do to get a beer and shrimp and grits right now” – Kiara

4.) “Humans are the only animal that can’t tell fantasy from reality” – Pope

5.) “You might end up in the lion’s den, but you don’t go there on purpose” – JJ

6.) “When people get close to me, I feel trapped, and I bail. And then I blame them for it” – Sarah

7.) “We’re in the middle of ‘Kooklandia’. This is the last place I want to be” – Pope

8.) “Denial’s underrated. You should try it sometime. It’s highly effective, and it’s only denial if you’re wrong” – John B

9.) “What you done, Country Club? Was you late to a tea time?” – Barry

10.) “Corpses cry too, you know. Well, they secrete fluid from their eyes” – Pope

11.) “If I’m the one mediating, we’ve hit rock bottom” – JJ

12.) “Don’t worry, I will sugar mama you” – Sarah

13.) “Well, I’m not resuscitating you. I’m just making that clear up front” – JJ

14.) “We only have one Earth, we should be giving it 100%, bare minimum” – Kiara

15.) “It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever” – John B

Which Outer Banks quotes do you like the best? Any that didn’t make the list?

Check out our interviews from last year with the Outer Banks cast while you wait for season 2 to drop!

Rudy Pankow (JJ)
Jonathan Daviss (Pope)
Drew Starkey (Rafe)
Julia Antonelli (Wheezie)
Deion Smith (Kelce)
Cullen Moss (Deputy Shoupe)

Nick Cirillo (Barry)
Gary Weeks (JJ’s dad)

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