Image credit: iamluisfigueroa/@Instagram
We had the chance to talk to Latin Pop artist Luis Figueroa on the podcast. The Philadelphia-native just released his new album Canciones del Alma, now available on all streaming platforms. In the interview, we talk about his music, his creative process and more.

It is always exciting when a new album comes out; for Luis he says, “It feels so surreal. I’ve been wanting to share this project with everyone for so long.” When crafting the record’s sound, Luis aimed to build a project that had the classic feel sonically that he felt music has been missing for some time now. In addition to this, Luis wanted to demonstrate more of his vocal range and ability on the album, “The overall goal of the record was to show that side of me vocally that I hadn’t really gotten the opportunity to show.”

You can watch the full interview below!

Listen to Canciones del Alma here.
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