We had the chance to virtually chat with Bryan from indie pop project 1990nowhere about their upcoming releases and much more. They will release their EP, A Fever Called Living, on May 28, 2021 through Opera Ghost Records.

Here’s what Bryan had to say.

How would you describe the music you play?

Bryan: Hey! Thanks for having us! This is Bryan, I’ll be answering the questions today. I would describe our music as “indie, festival, nostalgia laden no pressure jams from some best buds” <3

There’s a lot of genre bending happening in music; what do you think
about this?

Bryan: It seems genre blending is the natural progression of music evolution. So much music has been made, so many musicians exist that exploration of new themes, genres, blending, is only natural in the grand scheme of things. I think it’s a beautiful thing – but I do still like music that is firmly rooted in one specific genre. Some of my favorite artists dont really genre blend that much. (like some folk artists i like, metal, etc…).

What have been some learning experiences for the group in the last couple of years?

Bryan: One of the first and most beautiful things that comes to mind is trust. Trusting each other to start idea, finish ideas, create, explore, destroy. Letting go of the need for complete control that a lot of us have in our own solo projects. It’s healthy and promotes a better attitude which ultimately creates better songs & a more unique, distinct & cohesive vision. 

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