Ariana DeBose’s career has taken her to the magical world of Wish, the idealistic landscape of Schmigadoon! and the gritty Upper West Side on Manhattan in West Side Story, and now her recent role has taken her to space in I.S.S.

In the film, DeBose plays Dr. Kira Foster as tensions flare in the near future aboard the International Space Station as a conflict breaks out on Earth. Popternative host Petey Beats spoke with Ariana and mentioned being stressed watching the film. Ariana also shared her stress working on the project because it wasn’t like anything she had done before.

She also shared new information about space she learned during her role. “It’s such a claustrophobic environment and [I think] our understanding of what’s going on in space and what we know about the I.S.S is actually quite limited. You know when I was making it, I learned this fact; [the air], the space is filled with dust, like you don’t comprehend that, but those little things, and being in such a small tight space, it heightens everything and it builds the intensity of this film as well.”

Watch the full interview with Ariana DeBose below.

I.S.S is available for digital purchase and rental.


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