Podcast Spotlight: The ManCave Chronicles

This week’s Podcast Spotlight features The ManCave Chronicles: Started: April 2017 Synopsis: Guests and topics vary weekly to include stand-up comedians, actors, producers, podcast hosts, sports experts, and more. Notable Guests: UFC’s Kyle “crash” Bochniak, stand-up comedian Nemr, Brad Sherwood (Whose Line is it Anyway?), Jeremy Palko (Walking Dead), Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez (Bounty […]

Podcast Spotlight: The Quinn Marr Podcast

This week’s Podcast Spotlight is all about The Quinn Marr Podcast. Synopsis: The Quinn Marr Podcast originally started as a platform for Quinn to interview his friends in the community about anything and with anyone. It then changed completely into a weekly sports and pop culture podcast all about athletes, celebrities, media […]

Podcast Spotlight: Best Darn Diddly

This week’s Podcast Spotlight features Best Darn Diddly, a podcast dedicated to The Simpsons! Started: September 2016 Synopsis: Best Darn Diddly is a weekly podcast journey through the entire Simpson’s series hosted by 2 guys that grew up watching The Simpsons. In September 2016, our hosts, Miles aka Mr. Most Days Off & […]

Podcast Spotlight: Maple Syrup Shots

Popterntaive is starting a new segment on our website where we feature a podcast each week and highlight their work. We are very happy to feature Maple Syrup Shots as our first Podcast Spotlight!   Started: September 2015 Synopsis: Maple Syrup Shots was started by Neil in September 2015 as a way to […]