Popterntaive is starting a new segment on our website where we feature a podcast each week and highlight their work. We are very happy to feature Maple Syrup Shots as our first Podcast Spotlight!


Started: September 2015

Synopsis: Maple Syrup Shots was started by Neil in September 2015 as a way to talk about how he sees Canada. After several episodes, his friend Dave joined the show and the fun hasn’t stopped. Each week we talk to a guest that has a unique story. It could be someone we are a fan of, someone doing important work in their community, or running their own business. We also try to help out with local charities, fundraisers and events. We’re here to have some laughs, talk to interesting people and maybe do some good along the way!

Guests: Jonathan Torrens, Jay Onrait, Dan O’Toole, Jacqui Childs, Trish Rainone, Katie Uhlmann, Kaniehtiio Horn, Julie Stewart-Binks, Mike Botticello, Pat Muldowney, Bobby Del Rio, Shelly Thompson, John Henry Phillips & Daniel Oron, Cat Hostick, Lauren Messervey, The Pistolwhips, Chris Walby and more!

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