We chatted with RCA Records recording artist Ari Abdul while she is currently on her first-ever tour which kicked off on September 11th in Toronto, Canada. The  HELLGIRL TOUR  will take place in select cities across the globe with the final stop in London, UK on October 3rd.

Last year, Ari released her debut single “BABYDOLL” followed by the sped-up version “BABYDOLL (Speed).” Both versions garnered her viral success with over 200M global streams to date.  Her debut EP, Fallen Angel, is a pop-noir work accompanied by alluring melodies and Abdul’s warm, luminescent vocals. Growing up in Catholic School, she became enamored with the story of Lucifer and the “fallen angel” narrative. Ari and her best friend/producer Thomas LaRosa worked to create a world behind the EP inspired by “loss of innocence and connection with oneself into a distorted, wicked version.” 

In our interview, Ari discusses the success of her single “BABYDOLL” and the sped-up version on TikTok, how she got into music, her favorite song she’s ever written, and much more.

Watch the conversation below.

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