We Were Sharks’s latest album titled New Low is a solid project from beginning to end. The album has what the younger generation would say “no skips.” Since We Were Sharks formed in 2011, these Canadians have been steadily gaining traction in the music industry. In 2019, they signed with American record label Revival Recordings. Here at Popternative, we had an exclusive listen and want to share our thoughts on a few songs that stood out to us.

The album’s opening song combines many different traits that makes it an ideal track to hook the listeners in. Its uptempo drums and rhythmic bass guitar fuses well with the melodic guitar riffs and the vocals makes it super catchy. When the chorus arrives you can’t help but sing along.

Over This
You can really notice the lead vocalist Randy Frobel’s ability as a singer on this track. During the verse, it has minimal layers which allows Randy’s singing to carry the song until the chorus. The bridge is also further stripped down instrumentally and contrasts nicely with the exploding chorus. It is also no surprise that the five-man band managed to crank out another catchy song that you want to sing along to. Towards the end, the guitar solo definitely serves the song justice.

New Low
All the songs on the album are fairly fast paced, and it makes me wonder whether the band’s drummer Will Plummer ever gets tired from stomping on the kick drum during a live show. Also, his drum fills seamlessly melts back into the up-tempo beat and never feels out of place. This song is full of energy and feels like it belongs on a EA sports NHL or Madden video game soundtrack.

Final Thoughts
The album may be titled New Low, but this project certainly takes them to newer heights. When listening to it, you can’t help feeling nostalgic like you’re back in the glory days of Pop-Punk in the early 2000s. The best part is that it doesn’t feel like We Were Sharks are trying to emulate a certain band. I’m sure they were influenced by bands from the past, but their music truly sounds original and it’s a refreshing take on the genre. They should be commended for keeping the genre alive while still remaining authentic.

You can listen to the full album HERE!

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