After being selected for the Proof Film Festival in Los Angeles through the American Cinematheque, it was announced today that the vampire short film Vance, written and directed by Dakota Daulby (Billy The Kid) and starring Harrison Houde (Summer of 84), has been selected for competition at VHS (Vancouver Horror Show Film Festival). As part of VHS, Vance will be playing at The Scotiabank Theatre – Auditorium 4900 Burrard St, Vancouver on Sunday, October 15th at 4 PM PST.

Vance Synopsis
In a world where vampires coexist with society, Vance is a captivating love story that follows an ordinary vampire’s transformative journey when he encounters a spirited human, sparking a profound exploration of life’s true meaning.

Director Statement

Two years ago, my life took a curious turn when I faced a non-terminal testicular cancer. Amidst the shock, this experience became an unlikely source of inspiration, providing a profound insight into life’s fragility. This journey became the driving force behind Vance.

Writer and Director Dakota Daulby

Vance introduces a world where vampires no longer dwell in shadows but coexist and contribute to modern society. Our protagonist, Vance, lives a monotonous, eternal existence until a curious young human sparks a cosmic shift in his world. Together, they embark on a journey questioning whether death truly grants life its profound meaning.

The unwavering support of my loved ones has been instrumental in this endeavor, and their belief fueled the realization of this film. I believe that Vance carries a message that can ignite conversations around our relationship with death, and works to humanize how audiences view vampires. 

Writer and Director Dakota Daulby

Vance is a Vespiria Films and Damavand Pictures production.

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