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Around the time of The Mighty Ducks 25th anniversary, the producer of the original trilogy Jordan Kerner invited the cast members to his house for dinner. It was there where they mentioned the possibility of Disney making a Mighty Ducks TV series. A year or two, later Justin Wong got a call from the casting director. Now you can see him in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.

When he first got the role as Ken Wu in D2: The Mighty Ducks, Justin was already playing hockey for two years. In his interview with Popternative, Justin revealed that Ken Wu wore #16 because one of his favourite hockey players growing up was Trevor Linden. It took a while for Justin to grasp the fact that The Mighty Ducks are a staple in the childhoods of millennials, “I didn’t realize how much Mighty Ducks had an impact on people.”

Being a child actor came with some challenges. As a teenager, he struggled with the attention and success that comes with being in a movie like The Mighty Ducks, “It’s kind of hard to handle. You don’t know to do with it, other than you just don’t want it to happen anymore.” This led Justin to take a long hiatus from acting. Since then, Justin has made a career as an audio engineer working in studios and live concerts. He did however make an appearance in a legendary NHL commercial with the Sedin twins. But after returning onscreen as an actor, he said “my heart still wasn’t in it.” He’s enjoyed his life as an audio engineer and even jokingly mentioned, “A bunch of people I worked with over the last ten years had no idea I am Ken Wu.”

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

Justin gave high praise to the new flock of ducks, “I would probably say they are way better actors then I ever was,” while also pointing out their strong work ethic. Since the announcement of the new series, he has noticed his following on social media has grown. Returning on set this time also reignited his spark to act. When asked about what he wants viewers take away from watching this series, Justin said “Mostly nostalgia. Seeing what we look like now. I just hope the fans are happy to see us.”

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