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We recently spoke with Rhoyle Ivy King who stars as Nathaniel in CW’s All American: Homecoming, the college spinoff of All American, which premiered in February. Nathaniel is The CW’s first Black non-binary character, and the series was just recently renewed for a second season. We asked Rhoyle about his journey as a storyteller and being part of All American: Homecoming. Check out our conversation below!

Why did you choose the path of storytelling?

Rhoyle Ivy King (RIV): Because I truly believe that storytelling is one of the most powerful things to do. The way it touched me and taught me, I just knew that it was something I wanted to dedicate my life to doing for others. Exposure to different people’s truths is so important right now, and I think storytelling can show you that even though you may be so different from that character, you can still find love for them. 

What has been your most memorable role to date?

RIV: Honestly, Nathaniel. To play someone so charged with love, really does something to your spirit. She has so much light, and that has really poured into me. 

What is it like working on CW’s All American: Homecoming?

RIV: A dream. The greatest thing is the way all these incredible artists come together and create something so much bigger than us. Doing that, and doing it with such kind people, created by the icon Nkechi Okoro Carroll who poured her heart into this, is an artist’s dream. 

What can you tell us about your character Nathaniel?

RIV: Nathaniel is the non-binary, gender-fluid personification of fly AF. Equally masculine and feminine, she’s a thriving stylist and loyal above all. Her friends are her world, and family!

What’s the best advice someone has ever given you about acting?

RIV: My favorite quote was said by Viola Davis, that as actors we are having private moments publicly. Those words really spin around in my head a lot as I’m working, because playing those moments out really serves such a great purpose to the audience. So often we’re able to go “Phew! I thought I was the only one who dealt with that.”

What would be your dream role be and why?

RIV: Growing up – Avatar: The Last Airbender was one of my absolute favorite shows, and still is. I would love to play a character like that!

Do you have a mentor or anyone who continues to inspire you or your work today?

RIV: So many! Bishop T.D. Jakes is someone I listen to daily, The Obamas, Beyoncé, Viola Davis. I look up to people like them because they all remind me that you have to fall in love with hard work, and process, and not necessarily the final product. 


The Season 1 finale of All American: Homecoming aired on May 23, 2022, and all episodes can be streamed on The CW.

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