Interview: Sofia Hasmik Talks Season 3 of ‘Superman & Lois’ on The CW

Photo by: Noah AsaniasSofia Hasmik joined us back on the Popternative show to discuss reprising her role as Chrissy Beppo opposite Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch in season 3 of The CW’s hit superhero drama series Superman & Lois. The third season recently premiered on Tuesday, March 14th. In the series, […]

Interview: Olivia Liang Talks ‘Kung Fu’ Season 3 and Nicky’s Character Arc

Olivia Liang returned to the Popternative show to discuss season 3 of Kung Fu which premiered in October on The CW. Liang stars as Nicky in the action-adventure television series which is an adaptation of the 1970s series of the same title. The series centers on Nicky, her family, friends, […]

Interview: Kyra Leroux Talks ‘Firefly Lane’ on Netflix & The CW’s ‘Riverdale’

Photo by: The Portrait SessionsWe were joined on the Popternative show by Kyra Leroux who plays Lisa-Karen in season 2 of Netflix’s Firefly Lane which premiered with part 1 on Friday, December 2nd with the first 9 episodes. Part 2 will launch in 2023, and it stars Katherine Heigl and Sarah […]

Interview: Justin Johnson Cortez Talks Playing Calian in ‘Walker: Independence’ on The CW

Photo by: Jeff Neumann/The CWWe were joined on the Popternative show by Justin Johnson Cortez who plays Calian in the new CW series Walker: Independence which premiered on October 6th and is a prequel to The CW’s Walker set in the 1800s. The official synopsis is: “This origin story follows Abby Walker, an […]

Interview: Zach Smadu Talks ‘Family Law’ on The CW & Storytelling

Photo by: Richie LubatonWe recently caught up with Zach Smadu who plays Daniel Svensson in the legal drama Family Law which premiered in the U.S on The CW on October 2nd. Zach stars opposite Jewel Staite and Victor Garber in the series which follows disgraced lawyer Abigail Bianchi (Jewel Staite) […]

Interview: Rhoyle Ivy King Talks All American: Homecoming & Storytelling

Image courtesy of Rhoyle Ivy KingWe recently spoke with Rhoyle Ivy King who stars as Nathaniel in CW’s All American: Homecoming, the college spinoff of All American, which premiered in February. Nathaniel is The CW’s first Black non-binary character, and the series was just recently renewed for a second season. […]

Interview: Inde Navarrette Talks Season 2 of The CW’s Superman & Lois

Inde Navarrette returned to the Popternative show to discuss season 2 of The CW’s Superman & Lois which premiered on January 11, 2022. Inde can be seen Sarah Cushing – a highly intelligent teenager with a wild streak and a somewhat deep and troubled past. Superman & Lois centers around […]

Interview: Rupert Evans Talks Bridgerton on Netflix & Directing Charmed on The CW

Image creidt: Ross FergusonWe recently spoke with Rupert Evans on the Popternative show about some of his most recent projects including his appearance in season 2 of Netflix‘s hit series Bridgerton. Rupert played Edmund Bridgerton, Violet Bridgerton’s late husband and father to the Bridgerton children. He can also be seen playing Harry Greenwood in The […]