We were joined on the Popternative show by Jocelyn Shelfo who can be seeing playing Madison in the new Netflix YA series XO, Kitty which premiered on Netflix on Thursday, May 18th. The To All the Boys spin-off series sees Anna Cathcart reprising her role as Kitty Song Covey who we were first introduced to in the Netflix film franchise To All the Boys (2018-2021).

XO, Kitty follows 16 year old Kitty as she transfers to the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS) in Seoul, South Korea for her junior year of high school, which is the same age her late mother also attended that very same school. Kitty takes this as an opportunity to learn more about her mother and Korean culture, while also as a way to reconnect with her long distance Korean boyfriend, Dae.

(L-R) Jocelyn Shelfo as Madison and Sang Heon Lee as Min Ho in episode 107 of XO, Kitty. Photo by: Netflix

The ensemble cast also includes Gia Kim, Minyeong Choi, Sang Heon Lee, Anthony Keyvan, Peter Thurnwald, with Yunjin Kim, Michael K Lee, and Regan Aliyah.

In our interview, Jocelyn discusses her audition process, being part of the To All The Boys universe, filming XO, Kitty in South Korea, learning how to speak some Korean for her role, and more. Watch the full interview with Jocelyn below.

XO, Kitty is streaming on Netflix.

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