Netflix’s latest workplace comedy series, Unstable, is co-created by and stars Rob Lowe and his real life son John Owen Lowe, and premiered on March 30. The series also stars Sian Clifford (Fleabag, Life After Life, Quiz), Rachel Marsh (Head of the Class, iCarly), Emma Ferreira (Transplant, Learn to Swim), Aaron Branch (Lining, Kenan, Millennials), Fred Armisen (Our Flag Means Death, Portlandia), and Christina Chang (The Good Doctor, Press Play).

Unstable Synopsis
Ellis Dragon (Rob Lowe) is a universally admired, eccentric, narcissist-adjacent biotech entrepreneur working to make the world a better place. He’s also in emotional free-fall. His son Jackson Dragon (John Owen Lowe) is… none of those things. Can Jackson save Ellis and his company and salvage their estranged relationship while also doing what may actually be impossible: escaping the shadow of his larger-than-life father?

We were joined on the Popternative show by Aaron Branch who plays Malcolm, the project manager for the venture that the company has been working on, and longtime friend of Jackson.

(L-R) Rachel Marsh as Luna, Aaron Branch as Malcolm, and Emma Ferreira as Ruby in episode 107 of Unstable. Photo by: Netflix

Aaron discusses how he got into acting and stand-up comedy, as well as his character and how he resonates with him:

“His [Malcolm’s] wanting to be accepted; it felt like a version of me in my early 20s when I was roaming around LA with just a backpack and a dream, and I took on so many different roles and positions. I’ve been a project manger before, I’ve been an assistant, and it felt like a culmination of all the experiences I had in three years into one person and I wanted this opportunity so bad and I’m so happy it turned out the way that it did.”

Watch the full interview with Aaron below.

Unstable is streaming on Netflix.

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