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If you are a fan of the horror character Chucky, then you are fully aware of how rambunctious and vulgar the killer doll can be. In 2021, the franchise hit the small screen with a television series that found the vintage doll at a suburban yard sale being purchased by a lonely teen named Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur). It wasn’t long before fans of the film series got to hear Brad Dourif’s infamous voice when the doll came to life and began to wreak havoc in the Don Mancini created series.

Devon Sawa has been inducted into the Chucky legacy having played three different characters in the TV series thus far, but one thing that stands out about Sawa in this Chucky universe is the ongoing social media feud he has with the official Chucky Twitter account. “We have a cool little feud going on me and that doll. It’s a lot of fun,” Sawa told Popternative in an exclusive chat. He went on to talk about loving the Chucky character since the first film and landing a role in the TV series.

“I watched Chucky when I was like 10 or something like that, the first Child’s Play, Child’s Play 2 and 3 and then we visited the reboots, Bride, Seed, Cult and I’ve always been a fan. I think my agents were…they didn’t really know what I would think when they handed me the Chucky TV series, but I was all in from the moment I got them [scripts], and I did this elaborate audition tape where I explained how I would play these two twins and it’s just been so much fun going to work on that thing. Jennifer Tilly, Fiona [Dourif], and all the kids and everybody, Don Mancini. I’m hoping to go do season 3 and play another character. We’ll see what happens.”

Watch the full interview with Devon Sawa below.

Chucky seasons 1-2 are available on SYFY.

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