Podcast: Rick Overton talks about being The Drake on Seinfeld, writing in comedy and more

Screenwriter, actor and comedian Rick Overton joins the show to discuss many things including his role as The Drake on Seinfeld, his wide range of work, and about being a comedian. Download and listen to the episode on-the-go here. Be sure to follow Rick Overton on Twitter.  Subscribe to Popternative on iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify.

Netflix releases new original sitcom set in the 90s

On Friday, Netflix released season 1 of their latest teen-drama Everything Sucks! which is full of nostalgic 90s feels. The series focuses on an Oregon high school in the mid 90s where a group of kids from the AV cub and the drama club work on a movie together. The soundtrack is also […]

Podcast: Hayley Lovitt talks about playing Sage on The Gifted, being part of the Marvel Universe and more

Actress Hayley Lovitt who plays Sage on the new hit Fox series The Gifted joins the podcast. Lovitt talks about being part of the Marvel universe, social media’s impact on her everyday life as an storyteller, and more. Download and listen to the episode on-the-go here. Subscribe to Popternative on iTunes and YouTube. We are also […]

Podcast: Abigail Winter talks about being on Mary Kills People, The growth of Canadian television and more

Actress Abigail Winter joins the show to chat about her roles in the hit TV shows Mary Kills People and Between. Abigail also talks about the evolution and on-going growth of Canadian film and television. Download and listen to the episode on-the-go here. Subscribe to Popternative on iTunes and YouTube .

You need to follow these Seinfeld Themed Instagram Accounts

Seinfeld may have premiered over 20 years ago, but its popularity has never disappeared. It’s the type of show where it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen an episode, it is still funny every time. Although Seinfeld is a show about”nothing”, it’s one that has tons of relateable story lines – […]

ABC Cancels ‘The Mayor’

ABC has announced the cancellation of the freshman series The Mayor – which stars Brandon Micheal Hall as a rapper who runs for mayor and surprisingly wins. Four episodes of the series remain, but they will not be aired and the time slot will be replaced with Modern Family repeats for now. This makes it the second […]

Netflix to Debut Japanese Cartoon Series in the Spring

This spring, Netflix will release Aggrestuko which is based on Sanrio’s Japanese popular character. It is written and directed by Japanese creator Rarecho. The official release date has not yet been released. On March 2, Netflix will also release B: The Beginning produced by Production I.G. and Kazuto Nakazawa. Check out the teaser trailers for […]

2018 Golden Globe Nominations: Full List

This morning, the nominations for the 75th Golden Globe Awards were announced. The Shape of Water and Big Little Lies are among the top nominated. The awards show will air on January 7, 2018 on NBC with host Seth Meyers. Check out the list of nominations below: Film Best Motion Picture – Drama […]

Netflix Notes: 5 great coming-of-age series

There’s a lot of coming-of-age movies and TV series available on Netflix. We thought we would narrow it down to five recommendations for coming-of-age TV series. Skins (UK) (2007-2013) Skins followed the lives of teenagers in Bristol, England, which touched on controversial subjects like sexuality, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, personality and […]