The Milwaukee Brewers reenacted a scene from The Sandlot and it’s amazing

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the classic baseball film The Sandlot, the Milwaukee Brewers reenacted their favorite scene from the film and posted it on social media. ICYMI: You're (still) killing me, Smalls. — Milwaukee Brewers (@Brewers) March 20, 2018 But the Bewers aren’t the first MLB team to reenact […]

Podcast: Peter Kelamis on voicing Goku in Dragon Ball Z and more

Actor, comedian, and voice actor Peter Kelamis joins Popternative to talk about his voice acting work on Dragon Ball Z and Edd, Ed and Eddy, attending fan conventions, playing Yellow Jacket on Beyond, and more. Download and listen to the episode on-the-go here. Be sure to follow Peter Kelamis on Twitter.  You can find […]

You’re not going crazy; Instagram and Snapchat have removed the GIPHY feature

If you’re looking for the GIPHY feature on Instagram and Snapchat, it has been temporarily removed after users noticed and reported a very racist GIF option yesterday. TechCrunch has reported that Snapchat confirmed: “As soon as we were made aware, we removed the GIF and have disabled Giphy until we can […]

This Guilty looking lizard is hilarious

A few days ago, a Twitter user posted a photo of her pet lizard, Petey, looking extremely guilty. We might now have a new meme. I think my lizard may have murdered someone — izzy (@danisnobunk) March 5, 2018 — Patrick (@DarkSamus79) March 6, 2018 this is like […]

Podcast: Lead vocalist Randy Frobel of We Were Sharks joins the show

Lead vocalist of the pop-punk band We Were Sharks, Randy Frobel, joins us on the show to chat about the band’s new record “Lost Touch”, their tour, and the current state of pop-punk. Download and listen to the episode on-the-go here. Follow We Were Sharks on Twitter and check out their latest album “Lost Touch” here. Subscribe to Popternative on iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify.

Podcast: Nathan Cruz talks about the growth of Pro Wrestling in the UK and more

British professional wrestler Nathan Cruz joins Popternative to discuss the popularity of pro wrestling, the wrestling scene in the UK, and more. Download and listen to the episode on-the-go here. Follow Nathan on Twitter and subscribe to Popternative on iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify. Check out our other #WeekOfWrestling episodes.

New web series from the people that brought you My Roommate’s An Escort

A new web series is on its way. Trish Rainone and Katie Uhlman, who created and starred in last year’s hit web series My Roommate’s an Escort, create and star in their latest project Canadian Actors.  They’re at it again. This time with ‘Canadian Actors.’ Trailer releasing tomorrow! (& Plans for more Escort […]

Karate Kid Sequel Coming to YouTube

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka are reprising their roles from 1984’s The Karate Kid for a sequel series titled Cobra Kai. The series will premiere on YouTube Red later this year but no official date has been confirmed. Check out the teaser trailer for it below:   Good news for season 2 of Big […]

5 of the best Fast Food Twitter accounts

Social media is a great marketing tool for any restaurant – but these 5 fast food ones go beyond the average marketing approach used by many companies in general. Chipolte Not only are Chipolte’s tweets current, funny, and engaging, but they also have a unique approach to contests. Love is […]