Interview: Paige Irene Bruns Talks about her short film Anchor

We had the chance to chat with screenwriter and director Paige Irene Bruns about her short film Anchor. You can watch Anchor below! Anchor synopsisAnchor tells the story of Haleigh (Sierra Green), a bright and independent college student focused more on her academics than making social connections. Her best friend […]

Video Interview: Danielle Beckmann talks Liza Anonymous

We had the chance to chat with actress and producer Danielle Beckmann in a recent video interview. The California-native is starring in the short film Liza Anonymous that is set to premiere at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival June 12-13. We talk about her role, film festivals and more. In […]

Writer and Director Rakefet Abergel talks about her short horror film “Boo”

Like it or not, horror movies are here to stay. The last 5 years have seen an immense boom of both creativity and mind captivating short and feature length horror films and it is great to see. October seems to be the ideal month to consume these films and there’s […]