This Guilty looking lizard is hilarious

A few days ago, a Twitter user posted a photo of her pet lizard, Petey, looking extremely guilty. We might now have a new meme. I think my lizard may have murdered someone — izzy (@danisnobunk) March 5, 2018 — Patrick (@DarkSamus79) March 6, 2018 this is like […]

Selfie Kid from Super Bowl halftime show goes viral

During Justin Timberlake’s halftime show performance at last night’s Super Bowl, he joined spectators in the stands and danced along with a teen boy in the audience, followed by taking a selfie with him. But soon after the selfie, the boy, now known as “Super Bowl Selfie Kid”, began typing on […]

10 hilarious Tweets about Home Alone

It’s not truly the holidays unless you’ve watched Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York at least five or six times and recite your favorite quotes. We found some pretty hilarious Tweets that will make you want to re-watch them for the 120th time.   WHO produced #HomeAlone!? I NEED to […]