Album Review: F9: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Every time a new Fast & Furious movie comes out, equally important is the soundtrack that comes with it. When curating the soundtrack, the hottest names in the music industry are often recruited to create a masterpiece. Over the years, the Fast & Furious franchise has given audiences iconic songs […]

Did these Hip Hop Artists Live Up to the Hype?

Sometimes in a hip hop musician’s career, early commercial success is not always a good thing. These hip hop artists later on would suffer because they were overshadowed by their previous hit songs. We aren’t talking about one-hit wonders here. These are artists who were talented, and still had relative […]

Interview: Versatile Artist Danny Goo on his style of Music, Newest release and More

We had a chance to catch up with the versatile artist Danny Goo from Dallas, TX. His vocals blend plainspoken emotional vulnerability with intimate minimalist pop and soothing postmodern R&B. There’s a lot going on with his sound and we talked all about it below. How it was being a musician during covid-19? […]