Interview: Katie Douglas on New Film ‘The Walk’ & Ginny & Georgia

We were joined on the Popternative show by Katie Douglas who stars in the new Daniel Adams film The Walk which was released in theaters on June 10. The drama chronicles Boston’s 1974 desegregation busing protests and also stars Justin Chatwin, Terrence Howard, Lovie Simone, Anastasiya Mitrunen, Jeremy Piven and […]

Video Interview: Nikki Roumel talks Ginny & Georgia

Image credit: Denise GrantWe had the oppurtunity to have an exclusive chat with Nikki Roumel who made waves with her performance as Young Georgia on Netflix’s smash hit series Ginny & Georgia. Roumel goes into detail about the amazing support and reception the series received from audiences all around the […]

Video Interview: Humberly Gonzalez talks Ginny & Georgia, Utopia Falls and More

Image credit: humberly/@InstagramNetflix’s new series Ginny & Georgia has amassed a following since its initial release in February 2021. The story follows a teenage daughter who is more mature than her mid-30s mother who wants to be her daughter’s best friend. The interesting dynamic between mother and daughter definitely makes it […]

Video Interview: Jennifer Robertson talks about Ginny & Georgia, Schitt’s Creek & More

Image credit: frennifer/@Instagram It might be a little bit premature to say we are entering the golden age of Canadian television, but with the universal success of CBC shows Kim’s Convenience and Schitt’s Creek, it surely feels like it. As Canada continues to prove their viability in the entertainment industry, […]

Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia: Drama, Humour & Teenage Angst

Image credit: NetflixNetflix have just released their latest series, Ginny & Georgia, today, and all 10 episodes offers viewers a binge-worthy blend of drama, humour and teenage angst. It’s a series packed with nuanced storylines touching on a range of topics. Ginny & Georgia Description Angsty and awkward fifteen year […]

Trailer for Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia: Cast Members Share Excitement

Image credit: NetflixThe trailer for Netflix’s new drama series Ginny & Georgia has been released and there’s a lot of anticipation for the drama/comedy series! The series follows a mother and daughter duo who have a lot to figure out, including themselves. Ginny Miller is played by Antonia Gentry, and […]