Interview: Robert Bisi & Andy Lyon from BUCK Studio Talk Love, Death + Robots on Netflix

We chatted with Robert Bisi and Andy Lyon from the hyper-creative animation studio BUCK who worked on Netflix’s coveted animated series Love, Death + Robots Volume 3 which dropped in May. BUCK’s episode is #8 titled “Night of the Mini Dead.” About “Night of the Mini Dead” The dead rise […]

Interview: Brandon Kyle Goodman Talks Human Resources on Netflix & More

We had the chance to chat with Brandon Kyle Goodman on the Popternative show about Human Resources which is dropping March 18th, 2022 on Netflix. Human Resources is a spinoff of the hit Netflix animated series Big Mouth. You can watch the trailer for Human Resources below. About Human Resources […]

Interview: “The Cartoon Composer” Ego Plum Talks About his Score for The Cuphead Show! on Netflix

We chatted with “The Cartoon Composer” Ego Plum about his score for The Cuphead Show! which premiered February 18 on Netflix. The new series is based on the hit Cuphead video game, which was highly praised for it’s jazzy score by Kristofer Maddigan and super old school 1930’s animation style. With such an iconic scoring style […]

Interview: Vanessa Ford of Kukua talks about Super Sema

We chatted with Chief Operating Officer of Kukua Vanessa Ford about the NAACP Image Award nominated series Super Sema. Fueled by STEAM, the Super Sema series follows the world-changing adventures of an extraordinary young African girl, Sema, who lives in the neo African-futuristic community of Dunia. Super Sema was written by […]

Interivew: Executive Producer Alex Plapinger Talks Cake on FXX

We recently spoke with Cake executive producer Alex Plapinger (Wild Life) who is part of season 5 of the shorts including Swan Boy, Beings, and The Dream.  About Cake on FXXCake is a handcrafted assortment of bite-sized shorts carefully curated and served up as a tasty treat for the mind. Featuring a diverse array of narratives from storytellers both […]

Interview: Reza Farazmand Talks Poorly Drawn Lines Part of Cake on FXX

We recently spoke with Reza Farazmand who is the creator of Poorly Drawn Lines which is part of Cake on FXX. Poorly Drawn Lines airs within season five of FXX’s Cake, a carefully curated, half-hour weekly showcase featuring both live-action and animated comedy programs of varied lengths from a diverse array of storytellers. […]

Interview: FX’s Kate Lambert Talks ‘Cake’ on FXX & Animation Content Curration

We chatted with FX’s Kate Lambert about Cake on FXX and programming curration. The fifth season of the short anthology comedy series premiered on September 30th, 2021, on FXX, a partner channel of FX. Check out our chat with Kate Lambert below.Image credit: Michael Becker/FX About Cake on FXXCake is a […]

Video Interview: Maurice LaMarche & Rob Paulsen Talk Animaniacs on Hulu

We had the pleasure of speaking with voice actors Rob Paulsen (“Yakko Warner” & “Pinky”) and Maurice LaMarche (“The Brain”) about season 2 of Animaniacs which recently dropped on Hulu. Animaniacs Season 2 SynopsisYakko, Wakko and Dot return for an all-new season of this iconic, family-friendly series with something for everyone: […]

Video Interview: Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille & Gabe Swarr Talk Animaniacs Season 2 on Hulu

We had the amazing oppurtunity to speak with Gabe Swarr (Co-Executive Producer), Tress MacNeille (“Dot Warner”), Jess Harnell (“Wakko Warner”) about season 2 of Animaniacs which recently dropped on Hulu. Animaniacs season 2 Synopsis: Yakko, Wakko and Dot return for an all-new season of this iconic, family-friendly series with something for everyone: […]

Podcast: Kyle Starks talks about writing the Rick and Morty comics, and more

Two-time Eisner nominated Kyle Starks joins Popternative to chat about his experiences as a writer on Rick and Morty, Sexcaslte, Kill Them All, and much more. Download and listen to this episode on-the-go here. Follow Kyle on Twitter to keep up with his latest projects. This episode and more can be […]