It’s been an eventful week in hockey with so many different stories and headlines going on, so we spoke with Canadian journalist Ian Mendes to recap the NHL Expansion and Entry Draft. The Ottawa-native is currently a writer for The Athletic. In our interview, we talk about the Ottawa Senators, the Seattle Kraken, Logan Mailloux being drafted by the Montreal Canadiens, and tons more.

Being a journalist in today’s sports media landscape requires a lot of social media engagement when teams start making moves Ian says, “You’ve got people hanging on to your every word. This is the type of weekend where people are constantly hitting refresh and you saw it on Friday when there where 4-5 significant trades.” Part of Ian’s job is getting inside scoop before it reaches the masses. Normally when an insider receives leaked information, it is normally intentional he says, “It’s very rare that you get a piece of information without there being some sort of method behind it.”

You can watch the full interview!

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