Image credit: Sean Sisk
We had the opportunity to speak with rinkside host Kyle Bukauskas, who is making his third appearance on Popternative. The British Colombia-native has been working as a reporter at Sportsnet for over seven years. In this recent interview, we talk about breaking into the sports broadcasting industry, asking tough questions, and more.

The landscape of television is constantly evolving, and the best reporters find ways to adapt with the current times. A former broadcasting student at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Kyle encourages aspiring media professionals to find their own path and authentic voice. He explains: “I believe there isn’t one way to do it anymore. You see different people and how they go about covering a team and kind of what their style is and it’s great.” Finding your own distinct and unique approach is what will separate you from others, and Kyle is a perfect example of that.

You can watch the full interview below!

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