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Marc Methot’s NHL Career
Most hockey fans can’t grasp just how difficult it is to make it to the NHL. A career that spanned 13 years at the highest level, Marc Methot provided some insight on how to get there, “Its about growth. You can be a star player as a kid, but you have to maintain those strong good habits all the way up until you get to that pro level.” That’s the kind of person Marc Methot is; he wouldn’t dazzle you with stickwork, it was his work ethic that separated him from others, “I was always highly self-motivated” he said in our recent interview. His parents would help push him towards his dream, but after a while they stopped because they saw that had he that drive within.

The Wally & Methot Show

Coming on Popternative was a nice change of pace for Marc Methot, “I didn’t have to do any prep. I just show up and enjoy it” he laughed as he got to answer questions this time instead of asking them. Life after hockey is what most players dwell on when their careers are near the end. Being a media personality was not something he really anticipated, but those post game scrums and press conferences he experienced as a player does help him with his new talk show gig, “I’ve always been comfortable doing interviews and talking to the media.” One of the biggest challenges of hosting a talk show is making guests feel welcome. Before they hit the record button, him and his co-host Brent Wallace tend to spend a few minutes at the beginning to warm up their guests by just having a casual conversation with them first.

He mentioned former teammate Mika Zibanejad, a quiet and reserved guy, as an example of a guest that needed a bit of time to warm up. The Wally & Methot Show has only been around for a couple of months, and they have landed some pretty big names already such as Daniel Alfredsson, Erik Karlsson and Jason Spezza, but some are left wondering: when will we see Thomas Chabot on the show? This NHL season, Chabot has been logging heavy minutes, so Methot doesn’t want to add more to the young star’s workload. That’s when host Petey Beats subtly pointed out that Chabot has appeared on Popternative five times. Methot’s reaction was pretty funny.

Image credit: marcmeth3t/@Instagram

Heavy Metal

A self-proclaimed heavy metal fan in his twitter bio, Marc discussed music with Petey Beats who is also a heavy metal connoisseur. In Columbus, he was responsible for making the pre-game playlist that was to be played on the big speakers in the arena. The playlist would mostly consist of heavy metal, but the downside was that the music was often uncensored. Some people may not know that heavy metal music is huge in Sweden and throughout his career, he’s played with a number of Swedes. When asked if any of his Swedish teammates were into metal music, he said that Erik Karlsson dabbled in it a bit, but it was Robin Lehner that was a huge fan of the genre.

You can watch the full interview below!

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