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We had the chance to speak with musician Art Alexakis, who is commonly known as the lead singer and guitarist for American rock band Everclear. In the interview, we talk about Everclear’s upcoming tour, his career, and more. Everclear will be on the Summerland Tour 2021 with Living Colour, Hoobastank and Wheatus. You can find tour dates and more info here.

Looking back on his humble beginnings, Art never anticipated the huge impact he would have on a generation. “I never thought about being a huge Rockstar. I wanted to be in a band that could make a living,” he says. Over the decades, Art has seen the landscape of the music industry. In our interview, Art also reveals that he wants to be a life-coach for future creatives and is working towards getting a therapy degree.

You can watch the full interview below!

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