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We had the chance to chat with music composer and violinist Stephanie Economou. Based in Los Angeles, her most recent score can be heard on Netflix’s new hit series Jupiter’s Legacy. In addition to this, Stephanie has worked as a composer and instrumentalist on some notable films such as The Martian, Mulan and The Equalizer 2.

Jupiter’s Legacy

The series, which premiered on Netflix on May 7, follows a new generation of superheroes who struggle to navigate through life while dealing with family dynamics and high expectations. In a show like this, Stephanie showed her range as a composer. She was tasked with creating music that would reflect the grandiose sound of battle sequences and more softer soundscapes for the interpersonal moments. Being a film score composer isn’t always as glamorous as it seems, but working on Jupiter’s Legacy has been the most rewarding experience for Stephanie so far, “The showrunner and the producers really respected my vision for the music from the very beginning.”

You can watch the full interview below!

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