Rising pop country rapper Livvy D (Olivia Dunbar) is gearing up to launch her highly anticipated debut single, “Take A Number,” due out on June 2, 2023, and is available to pre-save on Spotify and iTunes. The single was co-written by Grammy nominated musician, songwriter-composer, and producer Aben Eubanks who began his career as a guitarist for Matt Nathanson in 2004 and for Graham Colton in 2005. He is currently a songwriter/producer for Kobalt Music and guitarist/songwriter for Kelly Clarkson.

We recently caught up with Livvy D about her upcoming single and the accompanying music video for it. She tells us all about the recording and creative process in the studio, some of her musical influences, and blending genres.

Check out our conversation below.

Congratulations on the upcoming release of your debut single! What can listeners expect from “Take A Number”?

Livvy D: Thank you so much! The vibe of “Take A Number” is a fun song everyone can relate to about the weird world of dating. I would like a reality show called, “The Weird World of Dating.

What does this single represent to you? 

Livvy D: “Take A Number” is about my experiences dating the past few years. It’s a fun silly and sassy song talking about some dates I’ve been on that didn’t turn out so hot. 

Can you tell us about the recording process? 

Livvy D: The recording process takes a lot of preparation and is a multi-step process. It starts with songwriting. I have a lot of lyrics that I keep notes on and hooks for different songs I have a vision to write. Once I have a main idea the song takes shape around that idea. Me and my co-writers brainstorm together, and beats come about and vibe with the songs message.

My songs express who I am and my experiences. Once the lyrics and tunes are created, I practice a lot. I mean a lot. Sometimes I change some of the lyrics along the way. Once the song is finalized and practiced it’s time to hit the recording studio. It’s many long, fun, and rewarding hours recording a song. It lets me create a forever work of art. Then it’s time for editing, more vocals, more vocals, and even more vocals. The final step is postproduction. I’m thankful for everyone on the team who helps make the recording process happen. 

Your music is defined as a mix of pop, country, and rap. Did you always intend to create music that blends genres?

Livvy D: Since I enjoy listening to all different genres it seemed to come naturally to me to blend genres. I’m unique and I whole heartedly believe in my music and the message it conveys. My sound is fun, confident, and completely unique.  

Growing up, what kind of music did you find yourself listening to?

Livvy D: Honestly, I’ve always listened to all genres of music! I’ve loved rap for as long as I can remember, and I love a good beat to dance to.

You also have a music video for the single directed by Ruben Samuel Cortez. What can you tell us about the video? Was there a specific theme behind it?

Livvy D: It’s a fun twist that I got to do with one of my best friends surrounded by all the people I love supporting me on set. The theme was just me and my girl talking about guys that have done us wrong. We used multiple sets to portray that I’m on top of the world despite the bad dates.

Who would you say are some of your musical influences?

Livvy D: There are too many to list. If I can only pick a couple then I would love to say that some musical influences are artists like Cardi B, Doja Cat, and Lizzo because they whole heartedly believe in their music and their message conveys power to their audience, something I also hope to do. They connect with their fans by being themselves to the truest extent and I do the same.

There are SO many artists I’d love the opportunity to collab with. Some are Kelly Clarkson, G-Eazy, Cardi B, Doja cat, The Weeknd, Lil Nas X, Post Malone, Kesha, Ariana Grande, Halsey, and Lizzo.


Pre-save “Take A Number” here

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