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Melbourne pop trio Blusher recently announce that their debut EP, Should We Go Dance? is set for release on Friday, July 13 via Atlantic Records/Warner Music Australia. The news comes alongside the release of their brand-new single, Backbone” which is a powerful anthem about the aftermath of heartbreak. The new single is accompanied by a music video which features Blusher in their alter-ego ‘choose your fighter’ personas. The trio have also been announced as special guests, joining Swedish pop powerhouse Tove Lo on her upcoming Splendour in The Grass sideshows in July.

We caught up with Blusher and asked Jade, Lauren and Miranda about the new single, their upcoming EP, opening up for Tove Lo, and more.

Check out our conversation below.

How would you describe the sound of your new single, “Backbone”?

Miranda: The sound of “Backbone” is equal parts angry, sparkly, bittersweet and tough. The big synth stabs that punctuate the choruses kind of feel like getting the wind knocked out of you by a breakup, but also, hopefully, make you feel like you have the strength to hit heartbreak back. 

What is the story behind the name of your band? 

Jade, Lauren and Miranda: Before the band officially existed, we wrote a song called “Blusher” about being the kind of person who can’t help but show their emotions on their face. When it came to choosing a name that encapsulates who we are, we loved the idea that blush conveys so many different emotions and energies; anger, infatuation, excitement, etc. We also liked the idea of a name that sounded both pretty and a little hardcore.

What can we expect from your upcoming debut EP? 

Miranda: Our debut EP is packed with dancey, gritty, glittery pop. Our dream is for it to soundtrack the ultimate night out – from getting ready in your bedroom with your friends, to cutting shapes on the dancefloor, to that 3am crush confession that you yell over the music. The lyrics all draw from our real-life experiences, and feel exactly like the conversations that we have with each other – it’s a celebration of female friendship, fun, anticipation, heartbreak and everything in between.

Photo by: Tom Lewis

Who would you say are some of your musical influences?

Jade, Lauren and Miranda: We love pop queens like Robyn, Charli XCX and Kesha – but also lots of indie-dance stuff like MGMT, Passion Pit and LCD Soundsystem. We draw from lots of different kinds of artists, and we take inspiration from house music and hyperpop. We love to experiment in the studio, and turn our vocals into a lot of the instruments and interesting textures.

You will be joining Tove Lo as special guests for her Australian shows. How will you prepare for those performances? What were your initial reactions to the news?

Jade, Lauren and Miranda: We absolutely cannot wait. We are such big fans of Tove Lo, she is a huge inspiration for us so it really is a dream come true. We were in such disbelief when we found out, and then immediately started brainstorming our outfits. We’re going to prepare by dancing together and getting super fit – we want these shows to be very energetic, and to give the crowd the best night out they could have.


Blusher’s Should We Go Dance? EP will be out everywhere on Friday, July 13, and is available to pre-order/save HERE.


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